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About us...

At MMD, our objectives are simple: we want to help you grow and nourish your business. We’ve helped over 1,100 clients do just that and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.


Our Start

Mass Mail Direct was started in 2001 with direct mail being our core service. While DM is still our ‘baby’, we’ve expanded into a multi-channel direct marketing services business.



While your business and your needs are ever-changing, we aim to de-clutter the marketing landscape and present you with straight-forward solutions that are right for your business!


Client Focused

So many companies move ahead with complex projects, wasting time and money. If only they would start at the beginning and listen to their clients. At MMD we listen and, we also learn from our clients.


We believe in being uber responsive. Our philosophy, as a service provider, is to always look for new and better ways to help our clients in the most efficient way.

A Full Spectrum

No client, business or prospect is ever too small. We’re a small business too! We strive to make marketing solutions available to all.

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